20th anniversary Big Beat Show

20th anniversary compilation

Big Beat will turn 20 in 2017. So far we have issued 96 tabloid-sized numbers full of good rockin‘ read. It‘s been a hell of a ride.
We have always firmly believed in our motto: Rockn‘ News for Rockin‘ People by Rockin‘ People. It has worked well and Big Beat is the oldest rockin‘ magazine in Finland and one of the oldest in the whole universe.
The tunes for this 20th anniversary compilation were selected by our own rockn‘ professor Mr. Marko Lehti. Spin the disc and most of all, keep rockin‘!
Juha Miettinen; Chief Editor and Publisher

25 Brilliant Tunes From The Rhythm Bomb Vaults!

  1. Next Time I'll Listen
  2. Let's Have A Crazy Ball
  3. She'll Be Gone
  4. You Gotta Go
  5. Rocker
  6. The Pressure's On
  7. Heartbreaker
  8. Little Red Book
  9. I'm The King Of The Road
  10. Hep Cat
  11. That Somethin'
  12. Sometimes
  13. A Thing Of The Past
  14. Cool Walkin Daddy
  15. You Gotta Pay
  16. Wild Calypso Night
  17. Jeannie Come A Running
  18. I Told A Lie
  19. My Wild Girl
  20. Move It Baby
  21. Negro Gato Song
  22. Mary Lou
  23. Don't Mean Maybe, Baby
  24. Lyin Baby
  25. Endless Ride