Crystal & Runnin’ Wild – The Midnight Creature

Crystal & Runnin' Wild - The Midnight Creature

Crystal & Runnin’ Wild
The Midnight Creature
LABEL: Rhythm Bomb Records
GENRE: Modern Rockabilly
FORMAT: CD deluxe ecopac

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Crystal & Runnin’ Wild’s second album, recorded in MONO, released on Rhythm Bomb Records, is a turning point for this Brussels based band, that takes them off the beaten path, away from the restrictions of traditional Rockabilly.
In 13 songs, ”The Midnight Creature" explores all sounds between 60’s Garage and Desperate Rockabilly.
Their compositions take you to a universe, colored with dark humor, where B-movie monsters make pin-up girls cry in sheer horror. And there’s no such thing as a happy end.
Without restrictions on the delay nor the decibels, their sound is aggressive and electric, their songs fast and effective. (Except for line dancers of course)
A creepy touch to primitive Rock’n’Roll, to much delight of the fans of The Cramps, Link Wray and other Sonics.