Dale Rocka & The Volcanoes

Dale Rocka & The Volcanoes

MASSIMO ROCCA - vocal and rhythm guitar.
VINCE MANNINO - lead guitar.
LUCA CIRIACONO - double bass.
Home: Sicily , Italy
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Authentic Rockabilly
Booking: info(at)dalerocka.com.


Dale Rocka & the Volcanoes were formed as a band in 1998 and ever since they’ve been a flagbearer for straight rockabilly in their native island of Sicily and abroad.
The energy and elegance of their live shows have produced a solid reputation throughout Europe, and for this reason they’re constantly busy with concerts around the continent.

Despite having very broad musical tastes, it is clear that Dale Rocka get mostly inspired by the pioneers of rock, either famous or unknown.
The band have previously recorded for Doghouse, Tail, Impero and lately Sleazy Records. All of their recordings so far came out on 45 rpm vinyl records: while their first records “You Get Alone, I’ve Got The Blues” and “You Keep My Love Handy” are long time sold out now and sought after by record colllectors, the last one, “Hot Rockin’ Baby” is getting plenty of positive reviews from music magazines and feedbacks from fans. The first release of a full album by Dale Rocka & the Volcanoes is for RHYTHM BOMB RECORDS on february 2014.The band made his first USA appearance performing at VIVA LAS VEGAS ROCKABILLY WEEKENDER 2014.
Four songs are included in the new 45 rpm SHOOT MY BLUES AWAY released on RBR.
Watch out for their live gigs when they come around your town!


Bear Family Records
"Dale Rocka & The Volcanoes: Shoot My Blues Away (7inch, EP, 45rpm, PS) (2016/Rhythm Bomb Records) Brandnew 4-tracker by Dale Rocka & The Volcanoes! Great Rockers, all written by Rocka himself! Fantastic stuff and highly recommended!"

Famous Last Words
" Dale Rocka and the Volcanoes have just had one hell of a party with ‘Jump into The Midnight Ball!’, the good news however, is that this particular midnight ball is open and available to all, and it is one that will not let you down."