Dusty Dave & The Heart Attacks – One Beer Left

Dusty Dave & The Heartattacks - One Beer Left

Dusty Dave & The Heart Attacks
One Beer Left
LABEL: Rhythm Bomb Records
GENRE: Blues, Rhythm‘n‘Blues
FORMAT: CD deluxe ecopac

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After releasing their debut single on Rhythm Bomb Records in 2014, The Heart Attacks are finally back with a full length album, featuring an even more brute sound and a new singer called Dusty Dave.
Dave totally lives up to his name and graces the 14 songs with his distinctive, smokey voice, sometimes reminiscent of the mississippi delta, sometimes reminiscent of chicago.
He is getting support by Lucky Steve on guitar, Dynamite White on Blues Harp, Rockin’ Bende on Drums and Ray Black on Bass, who is also in charge as the producer of this record.
„One Beer Left“ is a longplayer which ranges stilistically from extensive, spherical blues boppers to groovy early 60’s R&B to dirty Rockin’ Blues. A musical challenge which is pretty hard to accomplish but invites the audience to an interesting trip through the world of the blues.
In contrast to other blues bands, who cover classical material in a perfect way, Dusty Dave & The Heart Attacks prove that they are darn good at one central thing: putting their hearts and souls into their music.
The work on this record started already in 2013, when the band wrote songs like „Champion of the blues“ or worked on their own version of the well known traditional, „In my time of dying“.
From this time on the band worked hard on cover material and came up with their own material aswell.
But it is a well known fact, that the best work gets done, when under pressure and that’s why most of the original songs by the band were written shortly before the studio dates or even in the car, driving to the studio in the morning, just like „Candyman Boogie“ for example.
When you listen to the recordings you clearly hear the atmosphere of the sessions, which were held at vintage recording studio „Black Shack Recordings“. Everything was tracked live and in one room together. Obviously a situation which demands full engangement and concentration of the 5 musicians but also stimulates the emotional aspect of the performances. There are only a few older recordings from 2014, where Dave’s voice had to be overdubbed or other songs, where boogie woogie piano talent Sascha Kommer layed his mojo on them.
The outcome is an album loaded with 50 minutes of dynamite, which once ignited, leaves nothing but dust and the blues. And perhaps one last beer.


Broken Silence
Calw im Nordschwarzwald ist Rock’n’Roll Fans sicher nicht in erster Linie als Geburtsstadt HERMANN HESSEs ein Begriff. Der vergleichsweise kleine Ort beherbergt mit dem BLACK SHACK RECORDINGS nicht nur ein waschechtes Vintage-Analogstudio von internationalem Ruf, auch zugkräftige Szenebands wie THE BOOZE BOMBS oder DEVILS & SOEHNE prägen das Szenario. Das Quintett um Sänger DUSTY DAVE verschweigt daher gar nicht erst, dass seine Mitglieder neben diesen beiden Formationen auch bei RAY BLACK & THE FLYING CARPETS und THE FENDERS 55 aktiv sind. Laut charmanter Selbstbeschreibung mit einem Odeur von Brisk Haarcreme, Kölnisch Wasser und Gästezimmerseife versehen, reißt das Quintett mit den 14 Songs auf „One Beer Left“ hingegen mal eben die Wand ein: knarziger Juke Joint-Bandblues in rau belassenen Analog-Klangbild und mit allgegenwärtig heulender Harp, spritzige Spielfreude und eine Versiertheit sowohl bei Coverversionen von Classics wie auch hervorragendem Eigenmaterial. Überwiegend energetisch und uptempo setzt die Band sofort ein dickes Ausrufezeichen in die deutschen Blues-Landschaft. Durchaus Retro, aber mit verblüffend viel Charme und Schwung. Ist das Baden-Württemberg? Tipp!