Mo Al Jaz and friends – The Blues of Little Walter

Mo Al Jaz - The Blues of Little Walter

Mo Al Jaz and friends
The Blues of Little Walter
LABEL: Rhythm Bomb Records
GENRE: Blues
FORMAT: jewelcase

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Rhythm Bomb Records proudly presents "The Blues of Little Walter" by Mo Al Jaz & Friends, produced by Award-winner Little Victor.
This album was recorded with the great Dexter Shaw, David Imir, Francesca Shaw, Robert Pokorny and help from Danny Michel and Big Jon Atkinson.This is probably the coolest "tribute" to Little Walter ever done. Little Victor really tried his best to make this record SOUND and LOOK as close as possible to a Little Walter CHESS album from the 1950's. The album is full of blues boppers and rockin' blues tunes. This project received the blessing of Marion Jacobs Diaz (Little Walter's daughter) and approval from many great harp players and Little Walter fans all over the World. Grab your copy quick. They are gone fast!

Little Walter Jacobs was arguably the most influential blues harmonica players of all time and he still is. This album is an honest and heartfelt tribute to Walter and his music by Mo Al Jaz and a jolly congregation of great musicians. Dexter Shaw, his daughter Francesca and drummer Robert Pokorny make up one the best old-school blues combos in Blighty and anywhere else. David Imir joins the party for some twin guitar mayhem.
Mo is a veteran French harp player with several albums under his belt. His accent (you can hear it here and there) probably makes him the Charles Aznavour of the blues when he sings, but he does not have an accent when he blows his harp! Nobody reinvented the wheel of blues harmonica here, but this album really sounds like something recorded at Chess in Chicago in the 1950's. Mo has idolized Little Walter since he started to play many moons ago. He always wanted to record a tribute to his blues hero. I reckon he has accomplished that. Enjoy this record! I'm sure will bring a big smile on your face.