Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes

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Nico Duportal – Guitar, Vocals
Thibaut Chopin – Doublebass
Pascal Mucci – Drums
Olivier Red Cantrelle – Keys / Organ
Sylvain Téjérizo – Tenor Sax
Alex Bertein – Baritone Sax
Home: Paris/France
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Rock’n’Roll
Booking: nicoduportal(at)
or +33684797160


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Rockin' Rhythm & Swingin' Blues, that's a name suited to the music served up by the frontman, guitarist & singer Nico Duportal, who leads his "real deal" band, The Rhythm Dudes. Nico draws on the full spectrum of the deep black roots of Afro -American music and performs some of the finest early Blues and Rhythm ‘n Blues music being played in Europe today.

Avid dancers and passionate music lovers form the base of Nico Duportal & His Rhythm Dudes followers whenever they play in packed out venues throughout Europe.
Their goal is always to develop new fans and create a new musical circuit. Their target
is to make people dance, shaking their ‘money makers’ like it was going out of fashion!
Oscar McLollie, Johnny Guitar Watson, Little Richard and Ike Turner are some of Nico’s heroes and their inspiration colours his astonishing playing.

Nico Duportal & His Rhythm Dudes have also supported and backed up many of the international musical performers and Rock n’ Roll and Blues legends who have toured Europe, such as: Big Jay McNeely, Lynwood Slim, Mitch Woods, Wanda Jackson, R. J Mischo, Roddy Jackson, Gizzelle, Ruby Ann, Junior Watson, Mark Tortorici and Alex Vargas.
Nico Duportal has also appeared on stage with Big Sandy, The Memphis Kings and Kid Ramos and was on the list of special guests on the latest “Mannish Boys” release Wrapped up and Ready (Delta Groove Productions), including Artists like Kim Wilson, Kid Ramos, Mike Welch, Fred Kaplan and Sugar Ray Ford.
The band has toured all over the world, playing festivals and clubs in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Scotland, England, Scandinavia, Spain and Italy, performing for enthusiastic crowds as far afield as the USA and Australia.
Often heading the stage of the legendary Parisian swing temple "Le Caveau de la Hachette”, Nico’s talents are requested more and more in Europe, and he is especially popular in California, where his incendiary performances galvanize both listeners and dancers.
The original Rhythm & Blues and Rock’n’Roll that Nico and his band have both created and resurrected has found an ever growing army of fans.


Jeff Scott Fleenor – Delta Groove Music (USA)
"The American Blues scene has undoubtedly encountered its share of adversity in recent years. wheneverI begin to doubt the uncertainty of where this Music’s headed, along comes someone like Nico Duportal to reassure me that everything’s gonna be just fine."

A-Smith - UK R’n’R Magazine
"Nico Duportal a hot Guitarist and R&B exponent, has turned out a top class recording with his Rhythm Dudes providing exquisite backing ! Heartility recommended for Rockers, Jivers, Strollers and YOU !!! "

Marc Bristol – Blue suede news, US magazine
"I hope we get to hear these guys some time when we’re in Europe or else at one of the U.S. festivals! This stuff is way cool, and this has become my favorite French band as of right now."

BIG SANDY Singer from California
"Along with his fabulous Rhythm Dudes, Nico glides effortlessly between rocking blues and soulful grooves with confidence and grace. Drawing passionately from a wide variety of traditional roots music influences while still maintaining a fresh original sound with clever and creative songwriting, Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes have truly come up with a winner."

Kid Ramos – Legendary Guitarist from California
"… You see music in the hands of a young master and student of the music such as Nico is far from being extinct! Nico has a style of his own but brings to mind the Late great Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Tiny Grimes all the while making it his own!"

Tommy Harkenrider , Guitar Slinger from California
"I have always been a fan of Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes … So many bands find what they excel at and simply reiterate their strengths on following recordings. Nico's band is completely the opposite they are a dynamic and constantly evolving band that explores deeply the music we love."