The Jelly Roll Men – Jelly Roll Shuffle

The Jelly Roll Men – Jelly Roll Shuffle

The Jelly Roll Men
Jelly Roll Shuffles
LABEL: Rhythm Bomb Records
GENRE: Rhythm and Blues
FORMAT: CD deluxe ecopac

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The Jelly Roll Men are on a mission. They want to the bring old-school blues to everybody out there. The band earned a solid reputation for beings a great live act and a real crowd-pleaser. Make no mistake. In spite of their stage antics, these guys take their music seriously hey don’t play old-school blues to be different, they play it because it’s in their soul – and they are playing it just like it’s like it’s supposed to be played.

The band was started by the two brothers – Kent Erik and Thomas Grim Thorvaldsen – seven years ago as “The Nine Fingers Blues Band” until they recently decided to change their name to something a bit more appropriate for the style of music they play. They have worked with the likes Joakim Tinderholt, Tommy Moberg (Trickbag) and Ronni Boysen (the Kokomo Kings).

I also had the pleasure to play with them and -we did a little tour together- and I reckon they are a pretty solid combo and fun guys to be on the road with. They really sounded good playing my songs, but they sounded even better playing their stuff. I was truly humbled when they asked me to produce their debut record and be their musical “consigliere.” I did not take this as a joke and I worked them hard for weeks before recording the album you are holding and even harder during the recording session.

Hard work pays off and I reckon I’m very pleased with the result. This album not only captures the spirit of all the great 1950’s blues recordings. It also SOUNDS just like it!
-Little Victor producer and musician

  1. Date Bait
  2. 36-24-38
  3. Have A Good Time
  4. I'm Tired
  5. Pontiac Blues
  6. I'm Gonna Cut Your Head
  7. Come Back Home To Me
  8. Rockin'
  9. Murder My Baby
  10. Keep Your Hands Out Of My Pocket
  11. Shakey's Boogie
  12. Mister Homewrecker
  13. Move To Kansas City
  14. Evalina