The Kokomo Kings – Too Good To Stay Away From (Vinyl)

Kokomo Kings - Too God To Stay Away From

The Kokomo Kings
Too Good To Stay Away From
LABEL: Rhythm Bomb Records
GENRE: Rhythm and Blues
FORMAT: 12″ LP • Gatefold cover

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Take a big bucket of unpolished Mississippi juke joint boogie and blend it with another bucket of laid back down home blues. Add a teacup of swamp pop, a tablespoon of hillbilly and a pound of profane, ecstatic gospel and you´ll have the Kokomo Kings. This is rock´n´roll before rock´n´roll was born. Nothing but primitive, groovy Saturday-night music made for dancing.
The long awaited follow up of their classy debuet record „Artificial Natural“ is here, its called „Too Good To Stay Away“ full of red hot rockin Rhythm and Blues. 12 colorful originals prove once again the smartness and craftmanship of this danish/swedish Cooperation. Long awaited is the remake of „The River Tumed To Steam“ which was available as 7inch version only or „A Wasted Day Is Forever Lost“ another dancefloor killer ! Smart lyrics, raw unpolished and primitive Rhythms made for dancing ! This is too good to stay away from, so hurry up and get this little platter from your local record dealer !