The Nut Jumpers – Boogie In The Shack

The Nut Jumpers - Boogie In The Shack

The Nut Jumpers
Boogie In The Shack
LABEL: Rhythm Bomb Records
GENRE: Rockabilly, Rock’n’Roll
FORMAT: CD deluxe ecopac

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The Nut Jumpers, a hot new trio of well known musicians have come together to play their own brand of uncompromising, hard-hitting pure Rock’n’Roll. Drawing influence from a wide variety of danceable genres: Blues, Rockabilly, Garage, Latin, Swamp and more, all mixed together to create the dynamic Nut Jumper sound.
The band have have recorded their debut album Boogie in the Shack and 7” single No Good No Good in Jakes Shack in Northern France. 13 self penned tracks were recorded live using 1 microphone and vintage tape recording equipment that captures the pure power and Rock’n’Roll sound of The Nut Jumpers!!!
The Nut Jumpers are: JAKE CALYPSO (The Corals, Mystery Train, Hot Chickens, Jake Calypso and his Red Hot), HELEN SHADOW (The Blue Ridge Rockets, The Johnson Family, The Queen Bs, The Shooting Stars) and RICKY LEE BRAWN (The Stargazers, The Big Six, The Space Cadets, Johnny Back and the Moonshine Boozers)