The Slapbacks

The Slapbacks

The Slapbacks

Mitglieder der Band:
Michael - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Tom - Rhythm Guitar
Watson - Double Bass
Stoffal - Snare Drum
Heimatstadt: Wien/ Österreich
Plattenfirma: Rhythm Bomb Records
Genre: Rockabilly
Buchungsassistent: theslapbacks(at)


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There’s no need to introduce The Slapbacks. Hailing from Vienna/Austria, these guys are a household name in the European Rockabilly scene since 1995. They played countless shows and drove thousands of miles all around Europe and the US and are well known for their easy going but at the same time highly professional working style, on and off stage.

As a classical four piece outfit with two guitars, double bass and only a snare drum(!) The Slapbacks play wild authentic 1950s Rockabilly spiced up with a slight dose of Rockin‘ Blues mixing up their setlist with well chosen covers everybody wants to dance to and a considerable amount of originals. It’s this musical diversity that makes them special and much recognizable.
Since their entrance to the world of recording The Slapbacks have recorded seven albums and several songs have appeared on international Rockabilly compilations.
The latest platter, Rust ‘n‘ Dust, is published by rockin‘ roots label Rhythm Bomb Records and contains not less than 14 self written songs. Recorded the way it should be done (i.e. live in one room without overdubs and analog on tape machines) the sound of Rust ‘n‘ Dust is wild and fresh but also authentic and doing 1950’s Rockabilly justice. It captures the atmosphere of men riding their motorbikes, drinking beer and just having a good time.
So take a sip and blow your top - The Slapbacks make sure that the bop won’t stop!

  1. Rust 'n Dust
  2. Mine Mine Mine
  3. Dance With Me Baby
  4. Opposites Attract
  5. Bend Over
  6. Take It Easy
  7. Highway Man Blues
  8. Speed
  9. Dont Treat Me This Way
  10. True Fellas
  11. Pill Poppin Daddy
  12. 29 Chicks
  13. Satisfy My Woman
  14. Endless Ride