Twisted Rod

Twisted Rod

Filip Nesvadba - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocal
Ondra Vrátný - Drums, Vocals
Petr "Speedy" Novák - Double bass, Vocals
Home: Praha/Czech Republic
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Rockabilly
Booking: twistedrod(at)

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Is a 3 piece rockin‘ combo based in Prague. They play highly energetic, red hot 50s inspired music. They are considered as one of the most authentic rockabilly band in the Czech Republic.

After five years of playing around the Czech Republic and forming their style, in 2014 they finally released their debut album on Rhythm Bomb Records called "Bring it on Home!". Right now their second album "Boozin' & Boppin'" is out!

  1. Booze Bop
  2. Come On
  3. Baby Me And You Are Through
  4. Thunder And Lightning
  5. Rattle Shakin' Mama
  6. Early Mornin' Blues
  7. Let Me Stay All Night
  8. Rock & Roll Guitar
  9. Tempest
  10. Ol' Barn Stomp
  11. Trapped Love
  12. Why Did You Leave Me
  13. Get On The Train


Bear Family Records
"Steamhammer Rock'n'Roll from the Czech Republic!"