VA – Rocket Launch Vol.2

VA - Rocket Launch Vol.2

VA – Rocket Launch Vol.2
LABEL: Rhythm Bomb Records
GENRE: Rockabilly, Blues, Rhythm’n’Blues
FORMAT: CD deluxe ecopac

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5 more years have passed now, since we put out a Rocket Lauch Sampler showing the broad variety of bands that come to Calw, Germany, to an old house and record their rockin’ tunes in a cosy and authentic atmosphere.
Although we are the same guys and many bands and friends stuck with us till now, recording their second and even third albums at our little shack, the studio is not the same anymore. In 2015 we moved to bigger rooms within the old timber-framed building, so that now the studio features a 20qm control room with plenty of analogue goodness and a 30qm recording room, giving every musician his own space to record spontaneously and directly, just like it used to be done and still is the best way to go.
But enough said, this is just supposed to be a short introduction to what you gonna hear in the next minutes, a cross cut through genres and sounds, that have found a home in our space. We are proud and glad about having worked with all these fine talents and wish everybody a rockin’ future.
You will hear from us. Sooner or louder.
Ray Black and Steve McBread

  1. Rocket Girl
  2. Time To Bop
  3. Guy Fawkes Blues
  4. Diggin' The Rhythm
  5. If you want my love
  6. Shake like this
  7. Rock With Me
  8. I Got Rhythm
  9. Big Boppin' Daddy
  10. Statesboro Blues
  11. In the night
  12. You tore your playhouse down
  13. Mr. Think Big
  14. Come On
  15. Oh my darling
  16. Tank full of gas
  17. Still In Love
  18. Voodoophone boogie
  19. Love-Hate
  20. You don't care
  21. Lovin' Machine
  22. Radioactive Mama
  23. Dancing on my own
  24. Lawdy, What A Gal
  25. Texas Tony
  26. Honey Talk
  27. Me and my chauffeur Blues